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  • Welcome to online Teller School and congratulations for taking an important step towards securing a new job as a bank teller in the financial services field. 

    A bank teller position at a bank or credit union is the  perfect job for individuals looking for a respectable, well paying job in a professional environment.  Starting pay is usually in the $11.00 to $13.00 per hour range.  College students, stay-at-home moms and dads, semi-retired professionals and individuals looking to start a new career in the financial services field, can all benefit from the training provided in this course.  Click the Teller School Online link to the left to enroll in the course.

    Why Teller School?  In a word…Competition.  I have been involved with the banking industry for almost 30 years, and have hired countless individuals.  In this economic environment, there is great competition for any available job. When I had a teller job opening, it was not unusual to receive 50 resumes within the first few days of a job posting.  Did I interview all 50 individuals?  Certainly not!  I usually would narrow it down to five candidates and almost always made my decision from among the five.

    Who did I interview?  If you were an existing teller at another bank, you would probably get an interview.  How many existing tellers do you think I would normally get from the first group of 50?  Not one!  Existing tellers looking to switch banks is not very common.  This is great news for you, because you probably do not have any banking experience.

    What would I look for next?  Anyone with some kind of banking or financial services training.  In my part of the country, the training usually came from programs offered at high schools and community colleges, referred to as “ROP” training (Region Occupational Training Programs).  Years ago, there were a fair number of individuals that went through ROP bank training programs, but budget cuts at local school districts has unfortunately cut back on the availability of these programs.  So it will come as no surprise to you that I usually do not receive any resumes from individuals with prior bank training. 

    What would I look for next?  Individuals with cash-handling experience – at least six months.  Where can it come from?  It does not matter much, whether it is the local fast food restaurant or the department store at the mall, as long as the individual was responsible for a cash drawer, then that was a plus.  How many individuals had cash-handling experience?  At least ½ of all of the applicants.  I would have narrowed it down to 25 applicants and was left with considering other variables to get it down to five.

    If you had cash-handling experience, how could you have insured receiving an interview?  Since you do not have experience as a teller, yet, then prior teller training would have gotten you the interview.  Once in the interview, guess who will have a working knowledge of the skills necessary for a bank or credit union position – you!   

    Why Teller School?  So you can get that well paying job, in a professional environment.  Still not sure? does not stop with this course and certification.  Once you successfully complete the course, we will not only provide you with a Certificate of Completion, we will also provide you with a guide that will help prepare you for the interview – with interview questions that a banker will ask you.  And, last but not least, links to banks in your state that are currently hiring, so you can get started with submitting applications immediately.

    Are you still asking Why Teller School?  Read the success stories on the side-bar.  These are true stories of individuals I have worked with at one time or another, but the names have been changed. 

    Don't delay, click the Teller School Online link at the top left and get started for a low introductory price of only $149.95!



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Real Life Success Stories

Liz started eight years ago as a part-time teller with a large bank, while attending community college. After a year in the position, money got tight at home and she had the opportunity to take a full time position as a teller supervisor at the same bank.  Hard work and the desire to do the best job possible, was quickly recognized by her superiors.  Just a year later, she was promoted to a new accounts sales position. After continued success, she moved on to a mid-sized bank in the same community.  She is consistently one of the top performing new accounts reps at her bank and averages $55,000 to $65,000 per year (salary plus incentives).

Brian started as a part-time teller ten years ago with one of the largest banks in his state, after his young bride became pregnant with their first child, and he needed to supplement his income.  After only nine months, he applied for a full-time merchant teller position with a community bank.  He quickly impressed his superiors by offering great customer service to all his customers and always maintaining a positive attitude at the office.  After another year Brian was promoted to the Assistant Customer Service Manager position at the same office.  He instilled his positive attitude in the other tellers and the office soon had the top customer service scores in the company.  After just four years, he is now a Customer Service Manager earning $52,000 per year.

Maria worked as a barista at a local coffee shop while putting herself through college.  Her classes were in the morning and she worked afternoons.  Soon though, the manager at the coffee shop started to cut back her hours, telling her that he really needed employees that were available at anytime, day and night.  Money quickly grew tight, and Maria considered dropping out of school so she could earn more money.  A friend of her's worked at a local bank and told Maria about the good pay and flexible hours that the bank offered.  With her friend's recommendation, Maria was hired as a part-time teller, working 25 hours per week at a starting salary of $12.50 per hour, more that she was making at the coffee shop.  Maria is looking forward to continuing with her teller job as she completes her schooling.